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Shoprider® introduces another first in powered mobility with its extremely lightweight, portable, user-friendly Jimmie™ power chair. The Shoprider® Jimmie™ features the latest in wireless take-apart technology, electronics and high efficiency in-line motors. All these advanced features plus many more adjustability features are stylishly packaged into a comfortable power chair designed to move with your active lifestyle today. The Jimmie™ is Travel-Friendly too with One-Touch effortless disassembly and transportability.

• Rear wheel drive

• Extra light, 106.1 lbs only (incl. Batteries)

• Easily assembles with connectorless technology

• Easy to dismantle in to three major parts:

• Seat w/Controller: 24.7 lbs

• Front chassis w/Batteries: 35.4 lbs

• Rear Chassis w/Drive train: 29.9 lbs

• Adjustable seat height, padded full function, armrest(width, height, angle adjustable)

• Removable fold up footrest with full function (height, length, angle adjustable)

•Headrest ships with unit as an aditional option


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